Best of Business Innovation

They set the tone for innovation in the companies they run!

Meet successful leaders who share their experiences, having a single goal: the desire to inspire, to encourage, to provide landmarks for those who still hesitate.

Innovation studio

They are the ones who have developed innovative solutions that integrate digital technology for applications in different sectors of the economy. They deserve all the support to implement their innovations on a large scale.

Bet on the future

Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT. – trends and facts that generate transformations with a strong impact in everyone’s life. How do we cope with them? How will they impact the business landscape?

KOL’s in the digital field share their studies, learnings, advice and recommend entrepreneurs to prepare for the next level in business innovation.

Adrian Ichim
Andrei Goșu
Bogdan Ciubotaru
Rodica Obancea

Many companies and leaders need inspiration and motivation in creating cutting-edge strategies for their business.

East`n`Roll brings together successful leaders and entrepreneurs, who have broken the old rules and adopted innovative new ones, thus managing to restructure their business.

They strongly believe that innovation is the main pillar of evolution and are ready to reveal the secrets behind their success!


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