3 Innovative strategies that can solve "impossible" problems

A business without innovation can no longer be called a business, but stagnation. Market innovations are not implemented by visitors who simply want something different, but rather their implementation is based on research on real needs, to solve problems that could not be solved otherwise. The obstacles that big companies face are bigger than ever. While some of the companies will not be able to overcome these obstacles, others will face challenges successfully. Here's what you need to do to turn the biggest challenges into innovation:

1.     Ask your customers about problems, not solutions 

Consumers are good at highlighting issues and do not want to look at things from a different perspective. Most people were content with simply booking hotel rooms before Airbnb demonstrated that cheaper locations could be rented directly from landlords through a much simpler process. Another example is companies' websites. As many of them are not yet optimized for mobile phones, many consumers are not willing to install corporate mobile applications. Then the application was created that offered consumers the same experience as on mobile, without the need for installation. So, following these examples, you can create a close relationship with any consumer, based on trust and constant feedback. If the solutions you find will solve their problems, they will adopt any kind of change implemented.

2.     Dig into the relation between demand and use 

Most of the time the application does not correspond to the usage patterns, and the best example in this case is the tracking applications for people who come in contact with the new virus. In the turmoil of the pandemic, it is assumed that people would certainly be interested to know whether or not they have interacted with any person affected by the virus. Maybe so, but the statistics of this application contradict the statement. Three weeks after its launch in France, the application was used only 68 times to report positive results, sending only 14 notifications. The cause of this refusal to use the application is the need for privacy and the desire that a simple application does not influence anything in everyday life. The solution to this problem is NOVID, another tracking application that does not record personal information, also running on iOS. The application uses ultrasound and tracks users via GPS, protecting their privacy.

3.     Think about doing good to others 

Bill Gates made billions through his computer innovations, and Jeff Bezos became even richer thanks to Amazon. Even if the big innovations pay off financially, forget for a moment about the money you could make. Instead, focus on meeting the primary needs of consumers. If your innovations succeed in doing this, there is a very high probability that they will be profitable. You could start with a real problem, which you consider extremely important and for which no innovative solutions have been found.