3 ways you can prepare your business for 5G technology

The dawn of 5G technology is happening in our present. It may seem too early to throw away fortunes for devices that use 5G technology, but many american companies have already adopted this new type of network, in New York or Atlanta. This type of technology offers many advantages, especially for start-up business. The fifth generation of cellular networks promises unprecedented speeds, 1000 times faster that 4G. Being a deeply innovative technology, it will lead us to a new era of total connectivity. The most important aspects of 5G technology are revolutionizing speed, latency (real-time responses between devices), interference and bandwidth. If we look at things from the perspective of how the Internet worked in the past, they have evolved and are evolving continuingly, at an overwhelming rate. Just a few years ago, if you wanted to connect multiple devices to a single Internet network, you needed a router. Companies had to invest huge amounts of money for sophisticated networks to meet their needs. With 5G technology, however, such problems are completely eliminated. It does not require a router and due to its complexity it can support the connection of millions of devices at the same time. This creates new development opportunities for any company, large or small. However, companies looking to adopt 5G technology need to start preparing from now on. The most important steps to follow are: 

1.     Introducing the concept in the culture of the company 

The avalanche that 5G technology has created among organizations and companies is growing day by day, and many entrepreneurs choose it as a solution to many of their problems and needs. However, it is necessary that the company’s employees are up to date with the details of 5G, and that they are aware of the benefits such a network brings into their lives and how it contributes to the success of the company. In this case, clear training plans and communication strategies must be created. Leaders can not guarantee that everyone in the company will understand the constant evolution of things, but they can ensure that such innovation is successfully introduced into the culture of the organization they lead. 

2.     Increasing the adaptabililty of employees to such a major change 

Every aspect of a company will be affected by 5G technology. The old management systems, but also the effective way of working may undergo considerable changes in order to increase the company’s agility. Audi, for example, has begun to make changes in the company’s workflow, using and testing 5G technology, while ensuring that each department understands and adapts. 

3.     Be open with your employees and to the contribution they bring 

The learning process of employees is endless. They need support before, during, but also after applying changes in the company, to maintain motivation. Amazon, for example, does its best to teach its employees everything they need to know about proccess automation, machine use, and 5G technology, preparing them for the future. However, lifelong learning is only a small part of the process. Employees need to feel more like collaborators, rather than students. It is vital that they are allowed to provide feedback in times of need because their opinios might help structuring the whole process.