4 ways entrepreneurs can encourage innovation in their company

Today, innovation is all around us. But not all companies are prepared to push innovation within their organizations. Changing workplace systems and procedures requires resilience and flexibility, and it’s an unfortunate reality that many people are afraid of. 

There are many easy-to-implement ideas that can help creativity and passion flow within your organization:


Intrapreneurship is an old term that’s now really starting to take off. An intrapreneur can be defined as someone who thinks like an entrepreneur but brings their ideas to the company where they are employed instead of launching their own business.

You can encourage intrapreneurship at your organization with such simple steps as instating a "no idea is a bad idea" policy, gathering support your employees need to try out their ideas, and letting them pitch decision-makers at your company.

Encourage research
Along with encouraging your team to experiment, encourage them to do their own research as well. Let your employees’ personal interests and passions do the leading as they look into new technologies, reading articles and writing reports for your company.

Don’t put yourself in a box

The most successfully innovative companies know that they are more than just their products and services. Instead of only defining your company by what it sells, identify your assets and strategic skills. As an added bonus, your employees will be inspired to feel that they are more than just their job roles, as well.

Be a progressive leader

Lastly, there’s no better way to encourage innovation in your company than to lead by example. Innovation starts at the top -- leaders should be role models for workplace passion, positive outlook, clear direction and vision, and of course, embracing change.

The future of your company is decided today. If you feel your company is being left in the dust by fast-moving, innovative competitors, have no fear. Fear is the number one enemy on the way to success.

There are many ways to start bringing innovation to your company, and major change doesn’t happen all at once. Start small, with any one of the above ideas, and slowly incorporate innovative strategies until your company is where you set out to be.