How to reduce tech-related stress for customers and employees

In order to become a successful company, you need a mindset focused on creating value for people outside and inside the organization. The myth that technology drives digital transformation has become a real fairy-tale because, while technology must be an important factor, there is another element in this equation that is based on people. Generally, technology has a beneficial effect on company-level processes. But digital tools used in interaction with people do not have the ability to emanate human emotion. Covid-19 was a wake-up call for companies, accelerating the adoption of digitalization in the workplaces, an action for which most organizations were not ready yet. Employees, but also customers, are generally reluctant to change, and recent events have caused stress among them. Here’s how to eliminate the stress of sudden digital transformation: 

1.     Focus on the people 

Digitization has many positive aspects, but the more digital your business becomes, the more the level of humanity disappears. Today’s customers expect more human interaction and fewer automated interactions. In a highly digitalized world, a touch of human interaction might make the difference in terms of success. Establish authentic and trust-based relationships with your customers, and then, with their accept, use the technological tools you have at your disposal to customize the interaction you have with them. 

2.     Reasses your digital innitiative 

Now that you have behind you the experience of the pandemic and the suddenly imposed digital transformation, you can tell the difference between what you need to grow in the eyes of consumers. The business world is constantly changing, and the possibility of things returning back to normal is equal to that in which the digitization and automation of processes will forever replace physical work.