Why is digital transformation important for business continuity?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced leaders from all industries to adapt to the new reality as quickly as possible. With the revenue forecasts scattered in most sectors and the disruption of the supply and demand process, everyone is being asked to cut costs while maintaining business continuity and building a way back to work.
If until now digital transformation was an optional addition for companies, now it has become a necessity.
After introducing all the tools of telecommunications and digital collaboration to ensure internal continuity, leaders faced the challenge of transforming the organization as a whole. The decisions that are being made now will define how they will respond to future operational changes.

Keeping customers in the spotlight

Leaders should remember to place the most important people for their business - customers - at the center of all transformation planning. Every technical decision should come from a strategic impulse to discover or meet the changing needs of customers.

Customers in crisis will seek accurate and real-time information, so ensuring supply chain visibility, accurate inventory and flawless communication of digital service offerings (through digital channels) will also be a priority.

Ensuring proactive communication with customers will be essential, so optimizing systems that communicate important information should be at the top of the list of priorities.

Showing concern for employees

No entrepreneur can convince his team members that this period will be easy. There will be more work, it will be harder and less resources will be provided for the activity. The team is the most important capital when it comes to digital transformation and must be protected.

A clear strategy that is effectively communicated to teams, a program for managing stress, exhaustion and the ability to engage additional support at crucial times will be vital to completing digital transformation projects that will enable the company to go through the crisis and thrive in the new reality.